Polygel Specialities is a division of Polygel Industries Pvt. Ltd. manufacturing Organic Titanates under the brand name PUREti. Products being manufactured currently are :-
Organic Titanates & Zirconates
Titanium Chelates
PUREti Chemical Name CAS No.
PUREti TNBT / PS10 Tetra n-butyl titanate 5593-70-4
PUREti TIPT / TPT Tetra isopropyl titanate 546-68-9
PUREti TEHT Tetra 2-ethylhexyl titanate 1070-10-6
PUREti PBT Poly butyl titanate 162303-51-7
PUREti BIPT / TPT15B Isopropyl butyl titanate 68955-22-6
PUREti TNPT Tetra n-propyl titanate 3087-37-4
PUREti TET Tetra ethyl titanate 3087-36-3
PUREti PS8 Tetra t-butyl titanate 3087-39-6
PUREti NPZ Tetra n-propyl zirconate 23519-77-9
PUREti NBZ Tetra n-butyl zirconate 1071-76-7
PUREti Chemical Name CAS No.
PUREti TAA 65 Titanium acetylacetonate 17927-72-9
PUREti TAA 75 - -
PUREti TAA 105 Titanium acetylacetonate complex NA
PUREti TIC 30 Butyl titanium phosphate 109037-78-7
PUREti TEAT Tri ethanolamine titanate 36673-16-2
PUREti PS2 Di–iso-propoxy titanium bis ethyl acetoacetate 27858-32-8
PUREti PS4 Formulated PUREti PS2 and MTMS 27858-32-8
PUREti PS6 / PS6 L Di–iso-butoxy titanium bis ethyl acetoacetate 83877-91-2
PUREti TX 100 Alkonolamine titanate complex 68784-47-4
PUREti TX 200 Alkonolamine titanate complex 68784-48-5
PUREti TX 300 Alkonolamine titanate complex NA
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