Moisture Scavenger

Moisture Scavenger for Polyurethane
PUREti as Moisture Scavenger
RTV silicone sealant
Applications for silicone sealants are extremely broad. Markets include construction, automotive, assembly, maintenance, electrical/electronic, aerospace, and consumer products. Silicone sealants often compete with other materials such as polyurethanes, polysulfides, and acrylics. One of the most popular subclasses of silicone sealants is the RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) product. RTV silicone products are formulated from relatively low molecular weight linear polymers. A crosslinking reaction begins at the time the product is exposed to air. These crosslinking reactions occur at room temperature, hence the term "RTV", and they are generally moisture-curing reactions. Among three types of RTV sealants classified by the curing mechanisms, PUREti titanates crucially catalyze alkoxy type crosslinking reactions.

Moisture scavenging property contributed by PUREti titanates is an additional benefit extending shelf life of the sealant cartridges.

Though the alkoxy type RTV sealant being invented 30 years ago, the formulation is not changed too much even today. PUREti titanates continuously provide the highest liability to the harshest application field, such as glass wall architectures.

Advantages of using PUREti titanates

PUREti titanates provide superior catalysis performance, ie. quick tack free time, as well as adhesion promotion and crosslinking properties. Though condensation catalysts such as tin compounds can do the same, PUREti titanates offer the non-toxic and reliable features than others.

Physical properties

Product Appearance Chemistry Density g/ml Boiling Point °C/mmHg Flash Point °C Melting/Pour Point °C
PUREti TPT Colorless liquid Titanium isopropanolate 16.8 0.96 41 Approx. 17.5
PUREti PS2 Orange red semi-solid Titanium chelate 11.3 1.09 30 28
PUREti PS4 Orange red liquid Titanium chelate 9.2 1.08 36 <10
PUREti PS6L Orange red liquid Titanium chelate 10.5 1.08 40 -20
PUREti PS8 Pale yellow liquid Titanium t-butanolate 14.0 0.90 42 <0
PUREti PS10 Pale yellow liquid Titanium n-butanolate 14.1 0.995 40 -70

BP °C/mmHg = Boiling Point °C/mmHg
M/P Point °C = Melting/Pour Point °C

Application field

PUREti PS ranges are readily applicable for RTV sealant formulators fitting into the consumer or industry usage. Furthermore, PUREti primaries, such as TPT, PS8 or PS10 offer high purity, superior reliability and extraordinary stability for high end usage.
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