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PUREti titanates are understood as Lewis acids suitable for esterification, trans-esterification and polyesterification catalyst usage.

Direct esterification is the reaction between a carboxylic acid and an alcohol to produce an ester plus water as shown below equation. With PUREti titanates, esterification is conducted at 220˚C efficiently and catalyst is easily removed by water washing out.

In a trans-esterification reaction, a preformed ester exchanges alkoxy group with another alcohol to produce a new ester as below.

Polyesterification is an extension of either or both of the above reactions. Polyesters are produced by the interaction of a dibasic acid or its lower alkyl ester with a glycol or polyol, i.e. by direct or transesterification reactions.

Advantages of using PUREti titanates

PUREti titanates are neutral compounds and it is this neutrality that gives titanates many of their advantages over acidic and basic catalysts. Acids and bases cause side reactions and degradation of the reactants. This leads to poor color and contamination of both the product ester and any excess reactant. PUREti titanates minimize these side reactions. It is therefore possible to use larger excesses of reactant alcohols, which can be recycled without intermediate purification. This in turn leads to higher conversions and yields of purer products. Effluent treatment is minimized or eliminated.

Other metallo-organic catalysts are available, for example, certain derivatives of tin, magnesium and aluminum. However, it is usually found that these are either more prone than titanates to cause side reactions or are less cost-effective.

Physical properties

Product Appearance Ti Content % Density g/ml Boiling Point °C/mmHg Flash Point °C Melting/Pour Point °C
PUREti TIPT Colorless or pale yellow liquid 16.8 0.96 230/760 41 Approx. 17.5
PUREti TNBT Pale yellow liquid 14.0 0.995 312/760 47 -40
PUREti BIPT Pale yellow liquid 16.3 0.98 236/70 42 -39
PUREti TEHT Yellowish liquid 8.5 0.935 205/1 >63 -49
PUREti TET Yellowish liquid 20.1 1.085 N/A 30 -40
PUREti TIPT Yellowish liquid 16.9 1.030 170/760 49 -50

BP °C/mmHg = Boiling Point °C/mmHg
M/P Point °C = Melting/Pour Point °C

Application field

PUREti titanates are the most successful brand in plasticizer industries, but not limited to these. The ranges are also widely used in fatty ester, polyester polyol, polyester including PET and PBT, and polyolefin industries around the world.
The power of graphical messages is more than people could think of when people standing in front of the shelves in the supermarkets or convenient stores. The packaged foods and PET bottle soft drinks are within reaching distance in everyone’s daily life.

What people do not know is that PUREti titanates help the color printing inks attached firmly on the plain OPP films. Think about what if no titanates, normally NC/PU or NC/PA inks will easily fall out from the substrates, not even to say the frozen food or cold drinks in the fridge which sustained at low temperature.

Look into the mechanism, alcohol will be evaporated during the heating process, PUREti titanium chelate will help linkage to substrate and resin.

Advantages of using PUREti titanates

NC/PU or NC/PA film forming resins normally provide acceptable film strength after solvent evaporated. PUREti titanates will upgrade the solvent resistance or heat resistance to next level, therefore, graphical print can last during long term frozen environment. The substrate has to be corona treated till 38 dyne or above readily for printing.

PUREti TIC30 is a titanium phosphate ester complex listed on Swiss Ordinance for non-food contact printing inks. The unique performance combining titanate and phosphate ester properties brings the flexible printing industries more possibilities to promote their products. Though most of the people do not really know, PUREti TIC30 is so reachable around.

Physical properties

Product Appearance Chemistry Ti Content % Density g/ml Flash Point °C Pour Point °C
PUREti TIC30 Pale yellow liquid Butyl titanium phosphate 8.7 1.00 12 -50
PUREti TAA65 Orange red liquid Titanium Acetylacetonate 8.6 0.97 12 -70
PUREti TAA75 Reddish liquid - 9.6 1.00 12 -20
PUREti TGBA Dark red liquid - 10.0 1.01 12 -42

Application field

PUREti TIC30 is the most successful item in printing ink industries, but not limited to this. PUREti TAA65 and PUREti TAA75 are widely used in non food packaging field of applications, such as money inks.
Polygel Organometallic’s CAB Catalyst is a blend of high-purity Vanadium Oxytrichloride and Titanium Tetrachloride which is used as a catalyst in polyethylene production.

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